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1. Diabetes Rs.400
2. Diabetes 14 days Package with Contnous Blood Glucose Mintoring System Rs.5000
3. Hypertension Rs.400
4. Thyroid Diseases Rs.400
5. Heart diseases On Visit
6. Respiratory Diseases / Asthma Rs.400
7. Anemia Rs.400
8. Tuberculosis Rs.400
9. Infectious Disease Rs.400
10. Neurological diseases Rs.400
11. Gastro and liver diseases Rs.400
12. Adult vaccinations Rs.MRP+400

Diabetes is one of the major causes of premature illness and deaths across the world. In the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment, problems related to diabetes can increase exponentially.

Most people with Diabetes do not have any symptoms and therefore it is often detected only after complications arise. This condition stops the body from using and storing glucose. The causes and treatment of the disease will depend on which type of diabetes one is suffering from.

It is important to keep track of blood sugar to determine that the sugar level is well under control. For this, a chemical balance in the body is required for the glands and hormones to function normally. Any dysfunction can lead to life-threatening diseases.